Public Relations Consultant

The Partnerships Incubator has developed a scripted “Chief of Party to Chief of Party - Success in Your First 90 Days” 90-episode audio series consisting of three to five minutes-a-day peer-to-peer microcasts that provide messaging that is informational, motivational, and focused on action-oriented implementation advice that can influence project success and the new, aspiring, and local chiefs of party and other leaders’ mindsets.

Keylime is seeking a public relations expert to support the communication, public relations, and promotion of the microcast launch. We require a strong writer and experienced PR professional who can convey information and technical terminology in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner; who has experience writing press releases, promotional materials, LinkedIn articles, and PR strategies for podcasts, microcasts, or other audio-related media; and who has communicated with or created stories for similar target audiences.


  • Create and deliver on a tactical plan for the promotion of the Chief of Party microcast, in coordination with the Incubator team leading the microcast activity, that may include source research, press releases, communication outreach, feature articles, executive communications for USAID staff, LinkedIn articles, case studies, and PR advisory services to promote the Chief of Party microcast. The tactical plan will include a definition of activity phases and provide a timeline for the delivery of the work.
  • Confirm access to online PR databases (e.g., Cision) to research relevant and targeted international development publications and relevant news sources (non-top tier) that accommodate a promotional announcement or feature.
  • Maintain and share a summary spreadsheet that documents the PR activities and accomplishments.
  • Participate in a lick-off meeting and regular check-in meetings as required.
  • May require the coordination of outreach activities with a USAID counterpart.

Estimated Period of Performance

April 10, 2024 - May 15, 2024

Estimated Level of Effort

240-300 hours

Submit your CV here by April 4, 2024.