Translators - Arabic, French, and Spanish

USAID understands that for localization to be successful, partners worldwide need access to information and opportunities in their native languages. The Partnerships Incubator is supporting the overall content translation of the WorkwithUSAID.gov platform into three languages: Spanish, French, and Arabic. The team anticipates utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine translation while promoting a human-centric approach to trustworthy AI. The website content is slated to be translated from English into the three target languages (and vice versa) by AI and then reviewed and refined by a team of human proofreaders so the content scheduled for publication is authoritative and easy to understand.


Keylime seeks translation and post-editing (proofreading) support for a variety of public-facing partnership-related documents from English into Spanish, French, and Arabic (and from these languages into English). Consultants selected to support this activity will work within the Incubator’s “Crowdin” platform to proofread and refine machine-translated text. Occasional requests for human translation “from scratch” may also be made. There may also be requests for quality control reviews of translated documents.

Documents assigned will range in size and complexity. Documents that may be requested for translation include webpages (text files and JSON files) from WorkwithUSAID.gov, pre-award materials to support prospective partners such as ADS documentation, co-creation resources, and more. The turnaround period for most documents will be 12 calendar days or less, with exceptions for particularly challenging or lengthy documents.

Translators/proofreaders must be willing to take and pass a translation test prior to hire.

Note: This opportunity is only open to individual consultants. Compensation will be on an hourly basis. Estimated Period of Performance

February 21, 2024 - June 30, 2024

Estimated Level of Effort

On-demand, up to 300 hours

Submit your CV here by February 16, 2024.